Written Assignment 1

Written Assignment 1

Short Answer Questions
Answer all five (5) of the Short Answer Questions. Each question should be answered in a short paragraph of 100 words in length.

Explain the three fundamental unities of Islam.
List the five pillars of Islam and briefly explain their importance.
List the major steps by which Muhammad and his followers established the Muslim community (umma), from the time of his first revelation in 610 until his death in 632.
Definesunnaandhadith(plural,ahadith), and explain their importance in Islam. Include in your answer a brief description of the process by which the latter were authenticated.
According to the Muslim viewpoint, why is it not accurate to say that Islam began in seventh century Arabia.

Complete Essay Question: 300 words each

What is Muhammad's importance in the Muslim tradition? How do Islamic perceptions of him compare to those of the West?
Defineummaandsharia. Explain their relation to one another and their fundamental importance in Islamic society.

Total: 1100 words

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