writing about screen printing

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Let’s write a piece about the 60’s and screen printing. There was a brief period in the mid to late 60’s and early 70’s that produced very good artwork,(screen printing) and music. Started on the west coast then spread to New York and the east coast. Screen printing was used to promote the music of many of these up and coming bands. Some of the musician also designed the screen prints/posters. It was a hybrid of music, art and commercial enterprise. The music and art was influenced by psychodelic drugs and youthful energy.

Your job is to drill down into this unique time period and find out who, what, when and where. What were the musical groups that used this art marketing strategy, who were the artists making these posters? How did they,(art and music) influence each other? Maybe put this body of work in context with the pop movement or other art movements of the time. What was the value of this work both socially and commercially? What is the market value of these surviving images, remember they were never meant to last? Did this have an impact on the direction of art after this period?

Give examples of the music and artworks/artists involved, site your sources, how about 1200 words and some images if you can

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