Write a 7 page paper about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the struggle of the different ethnic groups.

I’m working on a Political Science exercise and need support.

All citations should be only from google scholar articles.

-6-10 citations from google scholar

-have 2 different opinions about the topic

-apa style citations

-you can use graphs, cite everything you use

-smith and johnson stated…..”…”

-Divide the paper into chapters:

Chapter 1) Introduction- half a page to one page about what your paper is going to discuss

Chapter 2) Literature review- 1 page -what other people said about the topic you chose

Chapter 3) Body-Tell me what you think and cite your sources

Chapter 4) Implications- half a page to one page tell me the implications of the topic you have chosen

Chapter 5) Half a page to one page wrap the paper up

Chapter 6) References

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