Worldview Self Reflection Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to help you evaluate the effects/implications of a Christian Worldview on the way you conduct your nursing research. Consider the spiritual aspect of your worldview as you complete this assignment. The theme of this paper is the Christian worldview and its potential to influence personal decisions regarding research participation, activities, and funding. You will use current APA style and include a properly-formatted title page.

Your paper must be 750 and must include a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed resources (published within the last 5 years). Use the list of questions below to help guide you as you write your paper (this is not all-inclusive): • Upon what or whom is the Christian worldview built? • Does a Christian worldview have the potential to influence decision-making by study investigators? If so, in what way? • Does a Christian worldview have the potential to influence an individual’s willingness to be a study participant? Explain your answer using appropriate sources. • Are there any types of research-related activities that a Christian is forbidden to participate in? If so, please explain.

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