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In at the age of and sŭering Zith an abdominal hernia long overdue for surger 6ellards returned to 9ero to collect charcoal or bone suitable for the neZl invented techniTue of radiocarbon dating « +is longtime feld assistant *len (vans accomSanied him having left 7e[as Zith careful instructions from 6ellard¶s Shsician about Zhat to do if the hernia suddenly bulged. It did, and Sellards collapsed unconscious at the excavation. … But the moment Sellards regained consciousness he insisted on continuing to excavate.1 The above case of Florida State Geologist Elias Sellards demonstrates that the study of ³human antiTuit´ or man¶s earliest origins is one surrounded b Sassion controvers and a deeS Zell of curiosit 2ur curiosit about our earliest origins has not onl given birth to fctional characters like Indiana -ones and &aStain .irk but also is largel resSonsible for the groZth of archaeolog in the earl tZentieth centur :estern scholars and e[Slorers Zere 1 David J. Meltzer, Te Great Paleolithic War: How Science Forged an Understanding of America’s Ice Age Past (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015), 1. Page | 2 WORLD HISTORY not content Zith simSl reaching remote Slaces the Zere curious about their earliest human inhabitants :hile the motives of earl e[cavators ma have been Tuite simSle (:ellknoZn paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey got his start collecting stones as a child), archaeologists and SaleoanthroSologists eventuall created an entirel neZ feld of historical investigation: prehistory. Multiple pioneers have hacked through underbrush or spent months excavating Paleolithic sites 1ot until recentl hoZever have scientifc advances local knoZledge and anthroSological theor merged Zith the curiosit of Zestern e[Slorers to craft a more accurate version of human origins and evolution. 

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