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From the samples of Egyptian love poetry, identify one (1) or two (2) lines that you especially enjoy or find interesting, and compare this poetry to some aspect of modern life. Next, describe two (2) aspects of Egyptian mummification and the early Egyptians’ beliefs related to mummification that you find surprising or intriguing. These funerary practices were driven by certain Egyptian ideas of the afterlife; compare these to modern beliefs and practices.



Chapter 3 (pp. 86-8), Egyptian music
Egyptian love poetry at and; as in the Old Testament’s “Song of Solomon,” the terms “brother” and “sister” are terms of affection and do not refer to a biological relationship
Chapter 3 (pp. 74-5, 86, 89-91), Egyptian mummification and beliefs about afterlife
Egyptian mummification and burial at
Atlanta Michael Carlos Museum at
Egyptologist explains mummification at