world bank

Write three full pages of three instituition which i gives and follow my instructions, and write the references and website which u you researched on the fourth pages.( do not use wikipedia!) AFR 192 Online Assignment: 1. Research the following Financial Institutions: A. The World Bank B. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) C. United States Agency for International Development (USAID) 2. Find out the following about each of them: a. History: When, Where and Why it was formed b. Who formed it? c. Original goals and any changes in the goals since it was formed d. Any current projects in ONE specific country e. Name of Current Director 3. You should write ONE page maximum for Each Institution 4. Each page SHOULD carry ONE topic 5. You may or may not provide in-text citations, if you use books. However, your 4th PAGE should carry ALL your References to make 4 pages TOTAL. 6. You should have in the top left hand corner of the FIRST page, the following: a. Your Name b. Date c. Course 4. Center Your Titles on Each page, and STAPLE YOUR WORK. Your work will be rejected and given an F grade, if it is NOT stapled. 5. Present your paper as a Report, NOT as an outline! Combine all the sections into ONE full report of ONE page in length. 6. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA! YOUR WORK WILL BE REJECTED, IF YOU USE IT. You may consult the Encyclopedia Britannica and the websites of the three institutions and any other credible sources, including the Britannica, World Atlas, Gale and JSTOR.

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