Word Limit : 1000 Subject : Other Subject Grade Level : Graduate Level Childhood Obesity Brochure.

Word Limit : 1000 Subject : Other Subject Grade Level : Graduate Level Childhood Obesity Brochure Question :Create a brochure which addresses the issue of childhood obesity in order to share your continued learning in child development with others. You will need to be sure to incorporate all of the information in a succinct and straightforward manner while remaining encouraging and positive as you share your expertise with others. Incorporate three to five visually appealing images, statistics, or graphs/charts into your brochure to capture the attention of your intended audience. Your brochure must the following: 1. Analyze how at least one of the major themes of Health and Well-Being, Family and Parenting, Education, Culture and Gender, influences the developmental physical, cognitive and psychosocial outcomes related to childhood obesity. 2. The role of parents and schools in creating this problem. Also, include any other people/entities whom you feel deserve a portion of the blame and why. 3. Utilize problem-solving techniques in exploring developmental issues, grounded in child development, in order to address two practical ways in which we can incorporate change to improve the health of children and families. **It is important to be able to explain the role of society and community agencies in assisting families in developing the optimum learning and pro-social behavior of children. **Be cognizant of the issues faced by single-parents, working parents, parents who are overweight/obese themselves, and those with other physical restrictions. 4. Provide two resources (one local and one web-based) for those seeking information on health and wellness.