women Gender Politics studies Us Midterm Description due 1 hr from accepting the bid need live…

women Gender Politics studies Us Midterm

due 1 hr from accepting the bid
need live help with mcq
There are 38 questions: 15 multiple-choice & 23 True/False
need someone good in us history gender
i will attached the questions slowly as i can

Readings are
Angela Davis, “Legacy of Slavery,” in Woman Race & Class, pp 3-29. File
13th Amendment URL
14th Amendment URL
15th Amendment URL
“Birth of a Nation” – D.W. Griffith (1915) – Part 2

*Glenn, “Blacks and Whites in the South,” pp 93-134. URL
Angela Davis Wm Race Class File
Blacks and Whites in the South File

Richard Wright- – Discussion Questions – S2018 File

Bederman_White Mans Civilization on Trial, pp 45-60. (Optional pp 60-76) File
Richard Wright_Ethics of Living Jim Crow, pp 23-32. File

Garber Spectacle in Color-Lesbian Gay Subculture Harlem File
Oct. 11 – Readings
Smith-Rosenberg Discourses of Sexuality and Subjectivity File
Harlem Renaissance File
New Woman 1870-1936 File

Eng WASP Nuclear Family,
I19th C Illustrated Newspapers: Selections from: Philip Choy, et. al., The Coming Man: 19th Century American Perceptions of the Chinese.
Ngai, “Cold War Chinese Immigration Crisis and the Confession Cases,” in Impossible Subjects,
“Sewing Woman” – Arthur Dong
Page Law (1875)
Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)
Immigration Asian Exclusion File

Ngai, “From Colonial Subject to Undesirable Alien: Filipino Migration in the Invisible Empire,”

(WWII – Internment & Relations of Race & Gender )
Ngai, “WWII Internment of Japanese Americans and the Citizenship Renunciation Cases” in Impossible Subjects
Film: “Unfinished Business”
Imperial Expansion Nation Building
WWII Relations of Race n Gender
WWII – Internment & Relations of Race & Gender
Okada_Preface in No No Boy File
Film:”Coming Out Under Fire”
Midterm 2

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