Women and Management

Orientation Exercise Word Count: 1500-2000 words plus references (6 at a minimum, 10 at a maximum) This exercise is designed to encourage you to observe the influences on the construction of gender in everyday advertising media. In your list of readings, you will find an article by Pingree et al., which is an example of a research method ‘content analysis’. It focuses on the ‘gendering messages’ implicit in T.V. advertisements. Please read the article. Use the scale provided and apply it to two present day advertisements which you think provide two quite different gendering messages for women. Look for two advertisements within the media that you normally access (for example, in the magazines you normally read, the television channels you normally watch, billboards you normally see when you are out and about, the Internet spaces that you normally visit). Try to find advertisements which would be sensibly located at two different places on the scale, for example, a level one and a level five. This exercise is also designed to help develop your analytical skills. It is important that you source your own advertisements and provide your own analysis of them using the scale in the article; that is, avoid presenting someone else’s’ analysis of an advertisement. Instructions and Layout Brief Introduction Background literature review and theoretical position: Do a brief literature review about stereotyping, gender stereotypes, and ‘learning gender’. (e.g., What is stereotyping? What does learning gender mean? How does this relate to the media?). 6 references at a minimum (10 at a maximum) Method: Describe where you sourced your advertisements from and how easy it was to find a level 5 depiction of women in these sources. Data/Findings: Describe the two advertisements you have chosen. Analysis: Using Pingree’s framework, analyse the depiction of the ‘gendering messages’ embedded in each advertisement (include the rank and reason for your ranking) (Note: you may prefer to merge 4 and 5 for each advert) Limitations: How useful is this framework today? Write one paragraph about how you found this task and what you learned from doing the task. As this, and all assignments are online submit, it is essential that you put your formally enrolled name in the header of the document so that your grade can be recorded. Assessment Criteria answer all questions of the exercise appropriately; contextualise the assignment in the work of Pingree et al., (in the reading list) and use other supporting literature to illustrate your understanding of gendering identity and its implications; and provide an accurate and properly formatted reference list. At the third year it is expected that students know how to source relevant literature (e.g., journal articles, books) and collate the material in to a literature review. Please note, a 15% penalty will be applied to those who do not format their reference list correctly (so make sure you include author, date, journal name, volume and pages, or for books, the book title and publisher details, see the library website for instructions on APA referencing). Also, note, that at this level, inappropriate webpage references, lecture notes, and text books should be avoided (e.g., not acceptable references). Note We will draw on what you learn in this assignment throughout the course to help analyse other social institutions that reinforce gendered stereotypes, and the issues that arise for women, men and managers; and for women’s paid and unpaid work, and their careers.

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