Which of the following sentences would fit with the theme of the passage?

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Herbs have been an integral part of our diet and pharmacy since humans began roaming the Earth, Dog owners can apply the results of using herbal nutrition and medicine for the dogs they love. To keep your dog healthy, use herbs on a daily basis. If you should ever need them, you will have much better luck getting a sick pooch to agree to herbal medicines if it has been acclimated to them over the years. Before starting an herbal treatment program for a sick dog, it is best to receive correct diagnosis from a qualified veterinarian. A veterinarian can provide blood counts, unianalysis, x-rays, and ultrasounds diagnosis, which can pinpoint which organ system is compromised. Most importantly, dog owner should find good reference books and reputable herbalists to treat a sick dog with herbal medicines.

1. Which of the following sentences would fit with the theme of the passage?

a. Different kinds of herbal medicines should not be given to healthy dogs.

b. Herbal medicines can be found in most places in the world

c. Different kinds of herbal medicines can be used until the most effective is found

d. Herbal medicines used for hundreds of years can be helpful in the treatment of a sick dog.

2. which of the following statement would strength the argurment

a.. humans have used herbal medicines for centuries

b. Herbal need good reference books to find herbs

c. Veterinarians treat many sick dog each year

d. Veterinarians open prescribe herbal treatment for dogs.

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