Which of the following parts of the brain regulates heart activity? Answer cerebrum cerebellum thalamus midbrain medulla oblongata

QUESTION 1 * Which of the following parts of the brain regulates heart activity? Answer cerebrum cerebellum thalamus midbrain medulla oblongata 1 points QUESTION 2 * Which of the following is not a symptom of botulism? Answer vomiting paralysis of muscles used for breathing difficulty swallowing double vision rash 1 points QUESTION 3 * Which of the following best explains why humans must constantly breathe in oxygen in order to stay alive? Answer Oxygen is an important source of energy for cells. [http://www.bezern.com/] Oxygen is the final electron acceptor in the process of cellular respiration, which results in the production of the ATPs required to fuel cell functions. [http://www.bezern.com/] Oxygen must be available to cells in order for them to make the sugars necessary to supply energy for cell functions. [http://www.bezern.com/] Oxygen is used to drive the anaerobic breakdown of sugars for the production of ATP. [http://www.bezern.com/] Oxygen is converted to carbon dioxide, which is then used to drive the production of ADP. [http://www.bezern.com/] 1 points QUESTION 4 * Which of the following is true regarding lung cancer? Answer Symptoms include chest pain, chronic cough, and wheezing. [http://www.bezern.com/] Lung cancer may be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. [http://www.bezern.com/] This type of cancer typically takes many years to develop. [http://www.bezern.com/] Problems associated with lung cancer include inadequate exchange of gases in the alveoli and impairment of blood flow in the pulmonary blood vessels. [http://www.bezern.com/] all of the above 1 points QUESTION 5 * Which of the following is not true regarding arrhythmias? Answer One type, known as ventricular fibrillation, is the leading cause of cardiac death in people who are otherwise in good health. [http://www.bezern.com/] An artificial pacemaker can sometimes be used to correct this condition. [http://www.bezern.com/] All forms of arrhythmias are considered serious medical conditions. [http://www.bezern.com/] Arrhythmias can occur when heart muscle becomes damaged. [http://www.bezern.com/] An ECG can be used to diagnose this condition. [http://www.bezern.com/] 1 points QUESTION 6 * Which of the following is a correct statement? Answer Blood pressure is higher in veins than arteries since blood must be returned to the heart. [http://www.bezern.com/] Veins are more distensible than arteries. [http://www.bezern.com/] Veins have a smaller lumen than arteries. [http://www.bezern.com/] The walls of veins are made up of two distinct layers of tissues. [http://www.bezern.com/] Veins carry blood to the capillaries of the body. [http://www.bezern.com/] 1 points QUESTION 7 * Vasoconstriction causes an increase in the diameter of blood vessels, thus causing an increase in blood flow to the tissues. [http://www.bezern.com/] Answer True False 1 points QUESTION 8 * Which of the following is not true regarding the lymphatic system? Answer The lymphatic system removes microorganisms from body fluid. [http://www.bezern.com/] Lymph flows from lymph capillaries to larger lymphatic vessels to the heart and lungs. [http://www.bezern.com/] Lymphatic capillaries absorb lipid droplets from interstitial fluid. [http://www.bezern.com/] Lymph is returned to the cardiovascular system where it once more becomes a part of blood plasma. [http://www.bezern.com/] Lymphatic capillaries absorb excess fluid from the tissues. [http://www.bezern.com/] 1 points QUESTION 9 * Physicians recommend that people breathe through their noses instead of their mouths. [http://www.bezern.com/] Which of the following occurs as air is drawn through the nose? Answer Air is dried. [http://www.bezern.com/] Carbon dioxide is removed from the air. [http://www.bezern.com/] Air is warmed. [http://www.bezern.com/] Air is filtered. [http://www.bezern.com/] Air is warmed and filtered. [http://www.bezern.com/] 1 points QUESTION 10 * Vasoconstriction and vasodilation of blood vessels are caused by a number of factors including: Answer emotions closing/opening of precapillary sphincters hormones nervous stimulation all of the above 1 points QUESTION 11 * Which of the following is not a symptom of a heart attack? Answer pain in the upper abdomen intense chest pain difficulty in breathing nausea pain in the right chest and arm 1 points QUESTION 12 * When the force of blood on the walls of blood vessels drops below normal, the condition is referred to as Answer blood pressure hypotension hypertension aneurysm none of the above 1 points QUESTION 13 * A patient was diagnosed with hypertension. [http://www.bezern.com/] This condition could result in all of the following except: Answer heart failure. [http://www.bezern.com/] hardened and scarred arteries. [http://www.bezern.com/] kidney damage. [http://www.bezern.com/] low blood pressure. [http://www.bezern.com/] greater resistance to blood flow in blood vessels. [http://www.bezern.com/] 1 points QUESTION 14 * Which of the following is true regarding the effect of smoking on the respiratory system? Answer The production of mucus increases in response to the presence of smoke. [http://www.bezern.com/] Smoking destroys cilia lining the respiratory tract. [http://www.bezern.com/] Particles and debris from the smoke accumulate in the mucus of the airway and increase risk for infections by pathogens. [http://www.bezern.com/] “Smoker’s cough” results from the heavy coughing that is necessary to clear accumulated mucus/particles from the airway. [http://www.bezern.com/] all of the above 1 points QUESTION 15 * Which of the following would result in a decrease in cardiac output? Answer increased heart rate decreased stroke volume exercise strong emotions activation of the sympathetic nervous system

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