When He became closer to Christ and knew Christ after suffering through PTSD;Write about an event in your life that was important for your spiritual formation in the form of an OT narrative. The length of the paper does not matter; it just needs to be lo

Personal History Due: Nov 19, 2018 at 12:00 PM Write about an event in your life that was important for your spiritual formation in the form of an OT narrative. The length of the paper does not matter; it just needs to be long enough to include all the required elements. Write about yourself in the third person. Use subtitles to mark the three parts of the plot: exposition, complication, and resolution. The exposition must include the setting: location, date, etc. You must have a teaching point in your story, but you may not state it directly in the story itself (in other words, you may not use a direct summary statement). The teaching point needs to be about God in some way. After your story concludes, include a paragraph describing directly the teaching point you were trying to communicate through your story. Include a key word that appears at least three times in your story. Mark each appearance with a bold font. Include bookends in your story and mark both parts with underlining. Include an implicit reference to a biblical text. It must be implicit (that is, you may cite it directly, but only indirectly refer to it). Mark this implicit reference by noting the biblical text in parenthesis. Use at least three speeches that contribute to the main point. Don’t worry about getting the wording exactly right, just write the type of thing the person would say. Mark each of these three speeches by making the speeches a separate paragraph (like in the script for a play). You must provide enough material in your story for readers to be able to characterize two round characters in your story (you and someone else). You may use only one direct external description and only one direct internal description per character (direct statements are those made by the narrator directly describing a character). Mark each of these (if you choose to use them) using italics. You will lose points if you use more direct descriptions than allowed. You can use as many indirect descriptions as you like and do not need to mark them. This will be the hardest part of the paper because we write much differently than this. Indirect characterization happens through speech and actions. If they aren’t doing something or saying something, then it is direct description. Do not use any references to what the characters are thinking or feeling! These count as direct characterization. However, you can refer to thinking or feeling if it is in a quotation from a character in the story. Include one reference to the work of YHWH in the story. Mark it by the following: (YHWH). You may not include more than two references to the work of YHWH in your story. Remember, you can talk about YHWH all you want in speeches. Include one example of irony. Mark it by putting “IRONY” in parenthesis after it. That is, write this: (IRONY). Include at least one comparison or contrast in your story. Mark it with: (COMPARISON/CONTRAST). Write about how the struggle through PTSD and seeing combat , I almost took my life because I couldn’t take it anymore. The nightmares the flash backs and the lost of the brother hood I had in the Marine Corp, I did not know what to do but when I was down on my knees I felt the Holy Spirit come to me and I heard the voice of someone (Holy spirt tell me He needs me to to be here , He needs me to stay here . Then I had the dream or vision of me helping others come to Christ. I was a leader in the Marine Corp now Christ wants me to lead men to Christ. The teaching point is that even when we are down in life there is no need to quite or check out Christ is there always and when I prayed he showed me and answered me to show what my purpose is in life. Please write this in bird person please. No bibliography no footnotes. Use the Bible for verses but need to be in parentheses.

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