What were the two states that you were comparing?

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Task 1- Research

  1. Go to the HealthCare.gov (Links to an external site.) website.
  2. Compare the enrollment pages for small business owners in California and 1 other state of your choice.

Note: I will not directly give you this information. Part of this assignment is for you to understand the struggle it is for people to navigate health care enrollment. Click on this Marketplace link (Links to an external site.)…it will make your task a little less daunting.

Task 2- Original Post

  1. Answer the following questions in your discussion post:
    1. What were the two states that you were comparing?
    2. What are the benefits for small businesses in enrolling employees through the Market-place in the 2 states?
    3. What is the penalty for small businesses who don’t provide health insurance for employees in the 2 states?
    4. Include at least 1 outside reference, cited in APA format. This reference needs to be cited both in-text and at the end of the post in a reference list.