What was the purpose of the study and the population that was used?

Research article

The purpose of this paper is to encourage the use of recent nursing research in the obstetric field and identify how it can be utilized in the clinical area. Any subject matter in maternity nursing: antepartum, labor and delivery, nursery, postpartum home care, fetal monitoring, birthing centers, nurse-midwifery, etc. are available for research.

Choose a research study that has been done in your area of interest. They can be found in Nursing Research, JOGNN, MCN, AJN or any other nursing journal. But must be a nursing journal no exceptions! Analyze the results and see if they have been applied in the clinical area you have been assigned to in this course.

In this paper, you will be graded by these standards:

? What was the purpose of the study and the population that was used?

? What was the outcome of the data collected?

? How is the data utilized on your clinical unit?

? How could it be better applied or, if not at all, how could you implement it?

? Do you think the outcome of the data would be different if the researchers used the population that is available on your unit?

Each of the answers is worth 2 points for a total score of 10. This paper is worth 10% of your grade. It is due on December 10, 2012 at the start of class. Please attach a copy of the article to the paper.

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