What other health promotion instructions can the nurse give to the patient?

Case Study: Before pregnancy, Mary’s BP was in the range of 110/68 to 120/70. She is 41 and this is her first pregnancy. Her BMI is 24 and she has a history of rheumatoid arthritis. She needed in vitro fertilization to get pregnant and is very excited about this pregnancy. In gestational week 22 her BP was 158/96 and 152/90. Her urine was 2+ for urine. What is the likely diagnosis? _________________________________________________________________

What are Mary’s risk factors for this condition? ______________________________________________________________________

List 4 oral antihypertensive medications to treat this condition?





What other health promotion instructions can the nurse give to the patient?

Mary was started on an oral antihypertensive, but her BP continues to rise to 162/112 and 170/110. Her 24 urine is 2.5 Grams.

Her labs are:

creatinine =2

Hemoglobin = 8.5

ALT = elevated

AST = elevated

Platelets 86,000/mm

What is her diagnosis now? ______________________________________________________________________________


True or False Mary will have hyperreflexia.

True or False Polyuria will occur.

True or False Mary will most likely feel increased kicking from the fetus.

True or False Mary’s plasma uric acid will drop

True or False Mary will have hyperbilirubinemia.

Mary is admitted to the hospital and started on Magnesium Sulfate. What route is it given? _____________________________________________

What is the purpose of this medication? __________________________________________________

Nursing considerations when administering Magnesium Sulfate:

How will you give the medication?

How will the pt feel when initially receiving Magnesium Sulfate?

What will you monitor while the pt is on Magnesium Sulfate?

What would you do if toxicity of Magnesium Sulfate is suspected?

What other health promotion actions can the nurse take for this patient?

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