Well-being in young adults

 Description Research Proposal Instructions;complete a term project in which they will develop a detailed research proposal describing a researchable problem and the methods they plan to use to study it. This proposal should have the depth and quality one might expect for a fundable proposal to a funding agency or an acceptable dissertation or thesis proposal.  Proposal preparation will normally include some form of intensive investigation preparing the researcher for the research and facilitating the design of a realistic proposal. Details: All assignments must be single-space, times new roman, 12pt. font, standard 1 inch margins, in-text citations with full reference page, submitted to Canvas on due date. The Final Proposal will be 15 pages, however students will have complete half of this work prior and will have opportunity for revisions for the final proposal. Sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Significance, Research Question, Research Methods and Measurement Analysis, Conclusion, and References Getting Started: Part 1–Topic. Select an issue that really interests you. One of the ingredients for a good paper is a researcher who is sincerely interested in finding the answer to a social science question. Be sure, however, that the issue can be analyzed and that it has been the subject of social science research. Peruse academic journals and journalistic accounts to gain a sense of how the issue has been approached by others. Consider choosing a topic that may help you complete your program’s requirements whether that be a thesis or dissertation proposal. You need to think through how you will conduct an analysis of your particular topic, what questions you will answer and what your specific focus will be. Most importantly, be creative and have fun with it. This assignment will not be included in the final proposal submission.

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