Watch the film Crash. Answer the following questions. Due: May 23, 2017. 1. What “issues’ are… 1

Watch the film Crash. Answer the following questions. Due: May 23, 2017.

1. What “issues’ are addressed in this film? i.e. race, class, stereotypes etc.…

2. What character(s), event, or theme did you resonate with? Why? Are there any characters you find it harder to identify with? Why?

3.What situation or scene affected you the most? Why?

4.Some criticized the filmfor reinforcing” stereotypes instead of eliminating”

them. What do you think this movie accomplishes?

5. What role did anger or hurt play in how the characters treated each other?

6. Do you think racism is this overt and obvious or more subtle and covert? Can you give examples?

7. Not all discrimination in the film is based on race-what other types of harassment do you see and how are you made to feel about it?

8. Which attempts at redemption in the film are most ironic and what do they show?

9. Sandra Bullock made the following statement in relationship to the film: “We’re not safe from ourselves, we’re not safe from our prejudices or others’ prejudices,”

Do you agree with this? What events happen in the film to support this? Can you think of a time when you have been aware of your own prejudices towards others? Have you ever been affected by the prejudices of others?

10. How did language barriers create problems in this film?

11. Which stereotypes (if any) do you feel are supported by what you have experienced in your lifetime? What about your worldview affirms the suggestions about each of the various subgroups identified in the film?

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