Vision and Values Statements

 Vision and Values Statements The CEO of Acme Airlines, Wile E. Coyote, liked your Mission statement so well that he is now asking you to develop the Vision or Values statement for the organization. You are asked to come up with either a Vision or a Values statement for Acme Airlines . **CHOOSE TO WRITE ON EITHER A VISION STATEMENT OR A VALUE STATEMENT** If you decide to devise Acme Airlines’ Vision statement, your statement should: 1. Be inspirational; 2. Convey a sense of purpose; 3. Capitalize on the unique competencies of Acme Airlines (it is up to you to determine what the airlines’ competencies should be); and 4. Be futuristic, forecasting the airlines’ desired future (you need to decide what that future should look like). If you decide to devise a Values statement for Acme Airlines, your Values statement should: 1. Specify at least five (5) specific core values of Acme Airlines; 2. Guide Acme Airlines’ Mission and Vision (you should choose your Week 1 Mission Statement as your reference point); 3. Be sure to state whether Acme Airlines is internally focused, externally focused, or both (e.g., an internal focus would be oriented towards employee needs or company profits, while an external focus would be oriented towards the needs of the community, e.g., philanthropy). Extras ordered: none

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