Focus Paper: The student will choose a topic of interest related to Global Health. Students are expected to undertake significant research for this paper, including interviews with people involved in global health issues. This can include, for example, emergency preparedness resource people in the immediate area, nurses who have taken part in relief efforts around the world, or county health departments’ responses to outbreaks of transmittable diseases and infections. Please include a title page, abstract and a reference page. For the paper, use the following format: 1. Identify issue – describe why it is an issue 2. Historical background, research – how did it happen, where did it come from 3. Current status or state of affairs 4. Immediate issues 5. Long-term issues 6. Educational needs 7. Role of nurse, including APN rolesa. Review nursing research and evidence on the topic 8. Future implications for nurses and impact on healthcare in general 9. Summarize conclusions 10. References (minimum of 5 from scholarly journals) 11. Spelling, grammar, APA use, are important considerations for grading purposes.

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