Using these two populations as representatives for hunting and gathering and/or pastoral peoples in general, what do they tell you about the sorts of lives people lead before we became sedentary agriculturalists

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Compare and contrast the Khoe-Khoe and San Bushmen of southern Africa. Specifically,

address aspects of their cultures including their respective historical backgrounds and

origins, where each group is generally found, their economy, social constructs, and

spiritualism, among other things covered in the on-line lecture. Describe the archaeological

evidence associated with each group.

The answers should be based on lecture slides, assigned readings (where provided), and your own notes only and not include additional information drawn from other external, on-line sources that I did not cover in class. Also, your answers should not be a simple “stringing together” of the bullet-point text I have supplied on the slides (and certainly, should never be word for word!) but rather, should form a coherent discussion about the various cultures and their cultural dynamics in your own words. I will be looking for your own occasional points of view and responses/reactions to at least some of the subject matter, where relevant. “

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