Using Pivot Tables to Analyze Sales Data

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  • Use Excel’s Pivot Table to help you answer the following questions. Create a new worksheet for each of the following questions. Make sure to name each of the worksheets to identify which question the PivotTable refers to.
  • For each PivotTable, create a PivotChart. Once you have created all four PivotCharts, create new worksheet and name it Dashboard. Copy and paste each PivotChart to the Dashboard worksheet, think about how you might want to format this Dashboard.
  • The completed OMT workbook will consist of the original data sheet (OMT_LIST_10-28), 4 worksheets with one PivotTable and one Pivot Chart on each; 1 1 Dashboard worksheet.
  1. Where are the average purchases higher? The answer might tell managers where to focus marketing and sales resources, or pitch different messages to different regions.
  2. What form of payment is the most common? The answer could be used to emphasize in advertising the most preferred means of payment.
  3. Are there any times of day when purchases are most common? Do people buy more products while at work (likely during the day) or at home (likely in the evening)?
  4. What’s the relationship between regions, type of product purchased, and average sales price?

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