US Constitution

Description Compare the Articles of Confederation with the current United States Constitution. What was it about the Articles of Confederation that caused them to be replaced after only eight years? What was it about the Constitution that has allowed it to survive for over 225 years? Papers must be typed, double-spaces, using Microsoft Word. Use one inch margins all round. Use Times New Roman and 12 point font for this paper. Do not use right-hand justification as it leads to oddly spaced words. There is a Paper Dropbox where you will upload you papers. The due date is April 16th and the Dropbox is open from February 20th 22 till that date. Long quotations of more than four lines should be single-spaced and indented five spaces, but do not use more than one such quote. The paper should be written in paragraph form. The first line of each paragraph should be indented five spaces. There is no gap between paragraphs. Do not use sub-headings (as used in this handout). It is considered poor style. Keep a copy other than the one you submit (professors’ cars have been stolen, you know). Keep the length of the paper no more than EXACTLY 1500 words

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