University Unit : LAW109( Criminal JUstice) Closing address speech for prosecution counsel of R v..

University Unit : LAW109(Criminal JUstice)Closing address speech for prosecution counsel of R v Dwight(case will be pasted below)
R v Dwight
Angela asks her friend Dwight to feed her cat Garbage Pail, a rare expensive breed worth $20 000, while she
is on holiday. She gives Dwight a key to her place. Dwight realises the value of the cat and sells it to Jim before Angela returns home. While he is in her house he also eats all her European white truffles. When Angela returns, Dwight tells Angela that her cat has died. He promises to buy her a new cat. Angela is distraught over the death of her beloved cat and begins to drink heavily. One day while heavily intoxicated, Angela sees Jim with her cat. In a fit of rage she smashes her umbrella across Jim’s face, breaking his nose and takes Garbage Pail.
Counsel for the Prosecution re Dwight;
The closing address speech needs to include answers for the following questions only.

  1. Resolve any ambiguities or disputes in the facts
  2. Rebut the other side’s arguments
  3. Conclude on what the final outcome should be.

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