unit 5 db b 3 pages

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Learners must demonstrate an appropriate depth of understanding of course content to receive credit for having submitted substantive posts. Typically, this is achieved with 3–4 strong paragraphs for Main Posts and 2–3 strong paragraphs for Response Posts.

In today’s business environment, it is essential to not only understand the necessity of strategic decision making and planning but to also be able to integrate them into competitive strategies.

This discussion has three parts:

  1. What are the components of competitive strategy? Within competitive strategy what is the relevance of a value change framework? What are the implications for customers and the competition?
  2. Cooperative strategies are the steps taken by two or more organizations to align strategies and resources to achieve a common goal. Discuss some considerations that must be taken into consideration when planning a strategic alliance.
  3. What are the critical factors that are necessary in a joint venture to increase the likelihood of success?

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