Understanding of Public Administration

Description This paper serves as a basis to recognize your understanding of public administration. In this 3 to 5 page paper, you will be able to express your progress in POL through terminology, ability to differentiate theories and ideologies, as well as fully discuss your point of view. Using the textbook, students are required to use twelve (12) public administration terms in a short 3-5 page paper that discusses their own views on the subject matter. First, you will find a current event that is related to public administration. Next, you will correctly utilize a minimum of twelve terms/ concepts learned in the course into the language of your assignment, as you describe the occurrence or event. In essence you will discuss how the event relates to public administration and the concepts learned in the course. You are not to simply give definitions, but instead, show a clear understanding of terms and concepts. All papers must include citations and references when necessary, and papers should be edited for grammar and organization. It is helpful to underline or italicize all terms. This exam is valued at 20% of your final grade. Final Paper is due on November 29. The Final Paper will be graded on the following basis: I.Structure, Grammar and Organization 35% a.Progresses logically b.Clearly stated supporting ideas c.Clearly identified connections d.Minimum grammatical errors and punctuation issues e.Citations and references (if necessary) are properly written II.Explanation of Present Views 40% a.Clearly identified terminology with in-depth analysis b.Link perspectives include opposing sides in argument for stance c.discuss theoretical and ideological perspective III.Conclusions 25% a.Brings together major point and argument b.Closes with clear progression of thoughts

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