Type: Academic development holistic assessment Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4 Weight: 50%..

Type:Academic development holistic assessment
Learning Outcomes Assessed:1, 2, 3, 4
Marked out of:100
Task Description:

The Final Project Submission constitutes your presentation of the outcomes of your project work, positioned as work that will be drawn on by others (and possibly you) in order to undertake something that will have an impact on the private and/or public lives of your fellow citizens.

You determine the form of the submission in relation to what you envisage as its aims, uses and potential users. It can take a wide range of possible forms and make use of a varied array of stylistic and structural devices. Your are welcome to make use of expressive and/or creative approaches, including the use of graphics, illustrations, photographs and drawings. Your can produce a document that you can upload to Learning@Griffith; or a web-based submission whereby you provide us with the address through which to access it. You may have other ideas.

It might help in planning your work and considering your format to think of the Final Project Submission as a professional or scholarly document/website that might contribute to or provide the basis for particular initiatives or help in addressing particular problems. If you think about a context that your work might be informing, your primary hypothetical audience and how you imagine your research and its outcomes being used, you will find that you will develop a clearer idea about the possible format of your submission.

Task Description:

The Final Project Submission might take the form of:

· —an extended written piece (like an essay with subheadings);

· —a professional report;

· —a portfolio of research outcomes that combines short discursive, analytical sections with snappy dot points and summaries;

· —a multi-stranded website;

· —a video, audio or graphic (e.g. Powerpoint/Prezi) submission;

· —a combination of creative expression (eg short descriptive vignettes, photographs, mini-narratives, cartoons, comic strip) and analytical writing;

· —another form that we haven’t considered but you consult with us about.

Whatever form it takes, your work should draw on theory, concepts and processes demonstrated in lectures, readings and class work, as well as making particular use of the outcomes of your literature research , analytical or observational research.

Submission:A Turnitin facility will be provided, however, acknowledging that your work may not be suitable for this form of submission, a range of submission options will be offered on the comprehensive task sheet and discussed in class. You should choose the option best suited to your mode of presentation. The marking will be undertaken as appropriate to the format and mode of the presentation. Feedback and marks will be provided electronically within two weeks of submission.

This assessment item:

is a school based activity
is an individual activity
includes a self assessment activity

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