TSES 3001AT 2018 Swarm Project Getting Data;To accomplish this project you will need to use two sources. The first is the Hype Cycles article by Michael Mullany that is posted in the Other Materials folder. The second is the ProQuest tool that is availab

TSES 3001AT 2018 Swarm Project


Getting Data
To accomplish this project you will need to use two sources. The first is the Hype Cycles article by Michael Mullany that is posted in the Other Materials folder. The second is the ProQuest tool that is available from the library. (Go to the Library and select Databases. Choose Databases by Type and select News. Select Canadian Newsstream and what opens is ProQuest.

Hype Cycles have received much attention over the last few decades. They purport to describe the process of technology adoption. The article explains the Gartner Hype Curve, assesses its usefulness, and presents all the technologies from the last 15 Cycles.

You are to look at the technologies and choose one. You should then go to ProQuest and search the technology:

Source Technology (the one you pick)

All dates (which turns out to be 2003-2018)

All source types

All document types


The search will return a total number of articles and by clicking on the bars in the associated bar graph you can get the number of articles per year. On the right will be the list of articles for you to look at. You must pick a technology that returns at least 20 articles.

Submitting Paper

Once you have the data you should write and submit a paper with the following structure:

Part 1: Pages 1-2 (More than 1 full page and less than 2 full pages) A description of the technology that explains what type of technology it is and how it works.

Part 2: Pages 2-3 (More than 1 full page and less than 2 full pages) Where this technology appears on the Hype Cycles (what years and the positions each year)

Part 3: Pages 3-4 (More than 1 full page and less than 3 full pages) Describe the ProQuest results for the technology. Do they follow the general shape of the Hype Cycle? What types of articles did the search return (did they discuss the technology for example or did they only mention the technology)?

Part 4: Data Template (with this structure)

Name of Technology

Short description of the technology (50 words or less)

Years on Location on Number of ProQuest Year

Hype Cycle Hype Cycle Articles


Year 1 Number Number Year 1

Year 2 Number Number Year 2

Year 3 Number Number Year 3


Note: Your paper should be space-and-a-half or double spaced with an 11 or 12 point font. It should be organized into paragraphs, clearly written and edited. . . .

. . . .

Submission (Individual Paper

Assignments must be submitted by 11 pm on November 23rd for full credit. Assignments submitted between 11:01 pm on November 23rd and 11 pm on November 24th will receive a 20% penalty for lateness. No assignments will be accepted after 11 pm on November 24th. There are no extensions to these dates except for documented emergencies beyond your control. Poor time management is not an emergency beyond your control. CuLearn establishes the dates and times. Students are responsible for checking that their submissions have been received by cuLearn and that what they have submitted is the correct file. The last file submitted establishes the date and time. There are no extensions for failure to carry out these responsibilities.


Swarm Project (Swarm Part)

Submission Plan: November 23 Individual Paper plus Part 6 to drop box (as described above)

November 23 Part 6 by itself to your Swarm Forum


The class has been divided into three Swarms, each with its own Swarm Forum.

The submission to the Swarm Forum provides the data for the swarm part of the assignment. The swarm must decide what deliverable they want to make with their data. A link to the final deliverable must be submitted on November 30th by 23:00. Only one deliverable will be accepted for each swarm. The swarm deliverable will be assessed based on organization, originality, aesthetics, the amount of the total data represented….

Everyone in a swarm receives the same grade for the swarm part of the swarm project except for those folks who do not submit their data to their Swarm Forum. They will get a zero. The swarm data submission is due by November 23 at 23:00 but the swarm can decide to have an earlier deadline. The swarm should let me know of a new deadline. Note: On November 23 there are two submissions: the paper plus Data Template to the Individual Assignment drop box and the Data Template to your Swarm Forum.

Everyone in a swarm is expected to contribute some effort to the swarm activity along with their data. This activity will be assessed, if necessary, by consulting the logs of the swarm forum. No evidence of activity on the swarm forum other than the submission of Part 6 may result in a grade penalty.

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