Traditional Dance by the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan

 This Research Project includes a written project and a video project. This is an individual project and will include research of your heritage and culture, including the expression of the components of that community in the form of a dance. You will be responsible for a 4 page, double spaced, paper explaining your research and cultural heritage. You will turn in the project online through a Turn It In link and attach your video to the project. The video will show a cultural dance from the heritage you researched. You will learn a dance and record yourself performing the dance and turn it in along side your written project. Components to your project: The questions included in the section breakdown are just suggestions (no need to only answer my questions). Section One—The heritage you chose and how you went about learning about it: State the heritage you chose to research and how you chose to research it. Why did you choose this particular heritage. If you had more than one option in your background, why did you choose this one in particular. Did you talk to someone? Interview someone? How do you relate to the heritage you chose? Section Two—Tell me about this culture: State the the history of the culture. You need to know how the culture came to be and how it is today. Political systems, social structures, belief systems, etc, should all be talked about. What does it look like on a day to day basis? This will probably be your longest section. Section Three—Cultural dance: Tell me about the dance culture in this heritage. Is it infused in the day to day life? Or is it a separate discipline only a few chosen ones partake in? What is the dance you chose to learn? Why? What was the learning process like? Easy? Difficult? How did it feel on your body? Do you think you were successful in your attempt at the dance, knowing the history behind it? Bibliography—Record your research sources in a bibliography at the end of your project. You must have at least 4 sources. Not part of your 4 page minimum. APA format, please. NOTE: APA format is only for the bibliography and does not pertain to the format of the rest of the paper. Be sure to cite your sources within your paper, as well (APA format). Acceptable forms of sources: Books Academic Articles Official and reliable websites Interviews

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