This is to remind you that your midterm project part 2 is due this Thursday at the beginning of class at 2 PM. As discussed, you need to find a financial application that can be designed using the following VBA controls and VBA scripts to perform funct



Have fun designing your application, and see you soon on Thursday!

excel was based on this and i will show you by picture waht we have done

Part 1) Data Preparation (50%)


In this project, you should create a “contact” application that takes your contact information via a GUI. Upon the input entry made, your contact information should be kept in a:


Listbox by adding the new contact information continuously (VB);

Excel spreadsheet by importing customer information file that is available as “Sample CSV File” under the Lessons and Assignments page.

In specific, your VB program should include the following contact information:


First Name, Last Name, Account Number, Address, Phone Number, and email address.

Part 2) VB Project (25%)


Your VB program needs to provide the following as outputs:


Number of contacts in the Listbox;

Sorting contact information by Last Name in alphabetical order.

Part 3) VBA Project (25%)


Design the following macros:


Contact Format: this macro formats contact spreadsheet to be more user-friendly as we did in the class;

VBA button to sort the records by the last name (you may assign a pre-recorded macro to this button);

Macro called “Contact Summary” to display how many contacts you have.


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