The Picture of Dorian Gray,”In the moments before his death, Dorian Gray stands before his mirror and laments the fatal decisions that he had made in during his life. As he reflects upon his sins and transgressions, Dorian surmises that his own beauty and

Do you agree? Are youth and beauty the root of Dorian’s problems or is there another reason for his demise? Do you think he is partially right? Perhaps you do think it is youth and beauty, but you can also identify something else that leads to his demise.

You will write an essay that takes a straightforward position on this topic.

The question you must answer is this: What are the three main contributing factors to Dorian Gray’s demise? “

I have done a draft introduction if it helps

” In psychology they describe one’s personality as it’s three parts, the id, ego and superego. Normally the superego controls the id impulses, such as aggression and sex and the society forbids, which will create the ego, one’s social realities and norms, etiquette and rules in deciding how to behave. In Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the reader can realize that Dorian’s superego changes while he stays young and beautiful, and by being friends with Lord Henry, because Lord Henry is like a devil is Dorian’s life, he coaxes him to evil in the story, and make him gain confidence about his beauty. In this story one can see that beauty, youth, and Lord Henry are the three main causes of Dorian’s demise.”
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