The Interview Assignment is worth a possible 50 points. Late assignments will not be accepted. If you have extreme extenuating circumstances affecting your ability to turn in the assignment on time, please contact the instruction prior to the due date.

Assignment Requirements: This assignment requires you to interview a person. This person can be anyone other than a family member. View your interviewee as if you were a Cultural Anthropologist and they were a member of a group you were studying. You are going to write a miniethnography about your interviewee using the concepts of culture you learned in class. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate what you have learned in this class and utilize it in a real Anthropological situation. The paper should include: 1) create a list of questions for your interviewee (10-20 questions) include the question list in the final paper (see list of suggested questions below) – worth up to 5 points 2) describe your interviewee’s life and culture with terms learned in class (kinship, marriage, subsistence, gender dynamics, etc.) – worth up to 25 points 3) include your own personal insights from this assignment – how did it go, how did you feel as you did the interview, was it difficult to view someone from an Anthropologists perspective? Was it eye-opening? – worth up to 15 points 4) Professionally written academic paper using the format guidelines below – worth up to 5 points Please use either Times New Roman or Arial 11 or 12 point font only. You may use single or double space. 3-5 pages (including the questions list) is an acceptable length for this assignment. The assignment will be graded based on how well you fulfill the requirements described above. A sample Interview Assignment Paper is available in the content tab. Suggested Question List (this list is by no means comprehensive, feel free to create your own questions) Where did you grow up? What was it like to grow up there? How big was your family? How did family size affect your life? Who do you consider to be members of your immediate family? Going out another generation, who do you consider to be members of your family? What do you consider to be your heritage? How does your identification with that heritage affect your life? How did your family make a living when you were growing up? How do you make a living now? Are you married? Do you think marriage is important? Do you have children? Do you think having children is important? Is religion an important part of your life? How does having/not having a religious life affect you? Do you spend a great deal of time on religion? How do you view your role in your family as a male/female? How do you view your role at work/school as a male/female? How do you view your role in general in society as a male/female? Do you think that it makes a difference in how you live your life that you are male/female? How do you feel about gifts? Do you give gifts? If so, is it important to you that you give someone a gift equal to/larger than/smaller than the gifts they exchange with you? How are you as a citizen governed? How does the government affect your life? How/where do you get your food? How do you purchase items you need for yourself or your family?

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