The Greek “Dark Ages”

Description This will be a essay for my Human/Greek Roman class, the topic  picked is “The Greek “dark ages” also known as the Heroic Age”. You should pick TWO genres/types of art or thought and show how works of art or thought responded to changing ideas in the period or movement you have chosen. Use between 2-3 specific examples to illustrate each genre. The genres include: DRAMA RELIGION POETRY ARCHITECTURE SCULPTURE PHILOSOPHY Your task is to show how that specific work of art or thought was influenced by the historical and cultural changes that surrounded its production. You should have a general description of that historical and cultural context (for example, the Hellenistic Era). Go on to describe how the works you chose reflect these ideas. Staying with the Hellenistic period as our example, you could give a detailed description of several statues that reflect new themes of diversity, emotional expression, and technical virtuosity. You could also show how town planning and architecture changed with the creation of new, planned cities with buildings that were much bigger in scale and tended to glorify the ruler. Don’t forget to illustrate your discussion with examples of what came BEFORE the period in question so you can make it very clear as to what has changed.

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