The Atlanta Child Murders

 Description Please research the case of The Atlanta Child Murders that occurred during a two year period between 1979 and 1981. The assignment requires discussion of how criminalistics or forensic science were used to solve the crime and prosecute the accused. In profiling this criminal investigations the major focus of the research and paper must be on the forensic science or sciences used during the investigation and prosecution to convict or acquit the defendant(s). Briefly summarize the investigation or prosecution as background information, however the expectation is a detailed discussion of one or more forensic sciences. The paper must be seven (7) to ten (10) pages in length and written using APA style and formatting. The paper will include a cover page and reference pages, however these pages will not count toward the total page requirement. An abstract is not required. THE RESEARCH PAPER MUST INCLUDE THE REVIEW OF TWO (2) SCHOLARLY, PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES RELATED TO THE TOPIC OF THE RESEARCH. Each literature review should be no more than one (1) page in length and counts toward the total page requirement. Please make sure scholarly resources are use

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