Test Administration and Interpretation Project

This is for an early childcare major assignment. I have to do SECTION 1 which is the ‘Demographic Information.’ Which is attached on this file. I also provided a mini example of how the fomat should be. this paper has to be at least 3 pages double spaced, times new roman, 12 font.
Bascially I have to find a child 5 years old or younger. Once I find the child get some information about the child and then, I will have to administer a test and score them and interpret one norm-referenced and one criterion referenced assessment on the child. (This will all have to be made up) For now I have to describe the student in SECTION 1. ( of course this can be made up but at least it has to be something that can be related to the specific age group. If you have any question please post back. Thank you!

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