Term Paper for International Final on a selection of topics

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In order to assist you in learning the concepts taught in this class, you are required to write a term paper, in which you will perform an in-depth study in certain topic areas from International Trade & Finance. The paper will focus on the application of theory and factual knowledge to the solution of important problems of international economics. Available topic areas are listed at the end.

Please keep in mind that I expect to see not just a compilation of quotes from the media, but your analysis of the conflicting opinions on the issue. Even more importantly, I want your personal opinion on the issue supported by references and theories that you have learned in this course. The paper has to be logical, written in a cohesive manner, and all the arguments have to be presented properly.

Please submit your term paper to the Assignment Submission Folders (Term Paper) on D2L on or before the due date (April 30, 11:30 pm).

Topic areas

  • The impact of e-commerce on international trade
  • Foreign outsourcing
  • Digital economy and globalization
  • Effects of U.S. dollar depreciation/appreciation
  • Reform of exchange rate regimes
  • U.S. trade policies and trade barriers

Format requirements

  • All term papers must be typed and 4-5 pages long (Times New Roman, font size 12, double spacing, one inch margins).
  • List all references on a separate page.

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