Term paper about Physician-assisted suicide

I don’t know how to handle this Nursing question and need guidance.

Term paper about Physician-assisted suicide. Please follow my opinion on the written paper.

  • A title page.
  • The body of the paper, which includes 4–6 pages of professionally written text
  • At least three references from textbooks, websites and articles that provide adequate justification and support your claim
  • Subheadings (technical aspects, public policy, and personal opinion/conclusion)
  • Appropriate in-text citations throughout paper
  • A reference list with only the sources used in the body of the paper (All sources should be less than 5 years old unless recent research is not available, and at least one reference must be a peer-reviewed article from a profession journal. Do not use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as they are not considered reliable academic sources and will not be accepted.)
  • APA style formatting 7th edition throughout your paper

Please include the paper outline following the directions uploaded in the template.

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