Telemedicine as a disruptor to improve access to care for the poor

For this program requirement, you will construct a research paper on a topic related to your professional interests. The capstone will serve as a coherent summary of a proposed research project. The paper will be structured in the following way: 1. Introduction (approximately 5 pages) a. General Overview of Topic b. Statement of Problem c. Purpose of Study d. Research Questions/Hypothesis 2. Literature Review (approximately 8 pages) 3. Theoretical Framework (approximately 1 page) 4. Methodology (approximately 2 pages) a. Research Design b. Sampling c. Instrumentation d. Data Collection and Analysis Procedures e. Limitations 5. Results (approximately 2 pages) 6. Discussion and Implications to Field of Organizational Leadership (approximately 2 pages) Please note the following: – ** THIS PAPER MUST ADHERE TO THE APA FORMAT (6TH EDITION). ** – You are required to include at least ten empirical articles from peer-reviewed/scholarly/reputable sources. – This paper has a minimum of twenty pages (not included references section).

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