Task Achievement Scale

Using the following outline, evaluate the degree to which your client and/or you (the worker) completed agreed upon intervention tasks. Select a client you are working with (individual, family, group, couple or community group) and define briefly the problem you are working on. I have selected my client EV, an eight year old boy from Guatemala. He barely speaks English but understand a little. He has witnessed domestic violence in his home, therefore he suffers from anxiety. It is hard for him to trust people and to open up about his feelings. He gets frustrated when he can’t explain his feelings. Indicate the goal/goals you and your client MUTUALLY agreed upon. Identify 5-8 tasks to be performed in order to reach the goal/goals. Specify which tasks you will be responsible for and the tasks the client will be responsible for. Explain how each of these tasks is directly related to the client’s problem/goal. Using Task Achievement Scaling (a 4 point rating scale) record the progress made (over time) on each task. Calculate the final rating on each task. Write a brief summary of the results. Indicate what work needs to be done mutually between you and the client to reach the goal or each of the goals, including how you and your client will move through the steps of the Task Implementation Sequence (TIS). The steps of the TIS are: * Enhance the client’s commitment to carry out tasks. * Plan the details of carrying out tasks.


* Analyze and resolve obstacles. * Rehearse or practice behaviors involved in tasks. * Summarize the task plan. The following articles provide the necessary background for this assignment: Hepworth, D.H., Rooney, R.H., Dewberry Rooney, G & Strom-Gottfried, K. (2017). Chapter 13: Planning and implementing: Change oriented strategies (pp.364-422). Empowerment Series: Direct social work practice:



Theory and Skills (10th ed). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole/Cengage. Kirst-Ashman, K. and Hull, G. (2015). Chapter 8: Task-achievement scaling (pp. 303-305). Understanding generalist practice(7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole CENGAGE Learning

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