Systems Applications Products (SAP)

 Be sure to repeat the question in bold type before responding. Also, define each of the following terms as you are responding to the questions. Consider that you are looking for more than a simple definition or cryptic response. How does your question impact the supply chain or overall organization? 1. Systems Applications Products (SAP) is one company that has developed tailored ERP systems for different industries. Using SAP’s web site (, examine the solutions for (1) a service industry and (2) a manufacturing industry of your choice. How are they similar? How are they different? 2. One of the criticisms frequently leveled at SCM software packages sold by companies such as i2 and SAP is that companies must change their business processes to match the software. While this may be true, what are the advantages of adapting a standard, unmodified software solution? Find an example of SCM software and discuss the benefits of each approach.

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