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This assignment has two elements: an introduction(400-450 words) and an annotated bibliography(400-450words) Detailed information will upload in the file.Follow strictly of instruction. 1.Compose an introductory section for your assignment of approximately 400 words. Writing a strong opening section for a research paper is a crucial skill. While your research will not make you an instant expert on your topic, you should have enough knowledge to compose an introductory paragraph that ties your research sources together. Main Goals: Your introductory paragraph should: introduce your topic; and introduce a bit of contextual information about your topic. draw on, and properly cite, at least one source. 2. at least three (3) of your research resources must be academic journal articles and/or academic books, and/or chapters in academic books, rather than websites, newspapers, or magazine articles. As always, any sources you cite in your work should be added to your bibliography – in this case with annotations added. Government reports and reports by universities may be used and cited, but will count as non-academic for the purposes of this assignment. Annotation: there is 3 annotations.( 300-450words) Each of your annotations should be a short paragraph of approximately 100-200 words that briefly explains what the research resource is about, and then, more importantly, explains why each research resource helps understand your topic. You may use bullet-points to visually separate your annotation paragraphs from your bibliographic citations, but each source’s annotation should be written as a standard paragraph of full sentences rather than in fragments or in point-form. Style tip: Instead of writing: “This article talks about…”, try writing this way: “In this article, Takamuri examines…” It is good form to use signal phrases that mention authors by name and to talk about what they claim, argue, suggest, conclude, etc. You may integrate quotations and quotation fragments into your writing, but your annotations should be mostly your original writing.

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