Study a dynamic character in a story, showing exactly how that character changed, or grew, or developed

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The grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, short story. Choose 4-5 quotes that help show this change. Analyze these quotes in your paper. What details does the writer include that reveal personality and convey psychological depth? Note pivotal incidents that either reveal the character’s “true personality” or cause him/her to change in some significant manner. you CAN use multiple sources from electronic databases in other college library websites.

In your introduction, you establish the context of your paper.

  • Remember to provide a substantial title for your paper
  • Include the full title of the primary source, the publication date, and the full name of the author.
  • Briefly summarize the primary source (no more than 1- 2 sentences for the summary).

B. Thesis: the central idea of your paper

Note: The introduction should be about a paragraph (one-third to one-half of a page). Get to the point and don’t ramble.

II. The body of the paper. Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4. This section must consist of your original analysis of the literary work, citing at least 4-7 separate short quotes from the work making an argumentative claim that directly supports the thesis and identifies the main idea of the paragraph. Remember to avoid plot summary.

III. Conclusion. Paragraph 5. Briefly repeat your main ideas. Also note: What is the significance of this story? What can we learn from this story? (This is the theme).

1) It must have a minimum of 750 words, not including the works cite page (no more than 1200 words, please).

2) The paper must provide and analyze at least 4 direct quotes from the primary source(s), and the quotes must appear throughout the paper, not just in 1 section.

3) The paper must provide one quote from 1 secondary source that come from peer-reviewed academic journals, You only need 1 quote from your secondary source. Include the credentials of your source in your tag phrase.

4) The paper must use correct MLA documentation, including a correctly cited works cited list.

5) Your topic must be approved by the instructor.

6) The paper must focus on an original analysis of the primary sources, not on ideas from secondary sources. You should have no more than 1 quote or idea from each secondary source.