. State the EBP question and PICO format

Please use the structure below to build your assignment 1. Introduction-Write about the purpose of the assignment and discuss its relevance to nursing or area of practice. State the EBP question and PICO format. You can insert the PICO format as appendix if you like. You are allowed to give a brief overview about the topic or define some terms related to the question 2. Search Strategy-Write a paragraph or two on the search strategy. Insert the search history page as appendix (Example on pg 27). Use the matrix or table provided in one of the lectures to extract data from the articles and insert as appendix(Example on pg 28-30). Please state the major concepts extracted from the literature to be discussed in the body. 3. Body-Select 3/4 concepts from the literature and discuss them in detail. Please ensure clinical application/relevance in your discussions about these concepts. Ensure smooth transition/ flow of paragraph to the next 4. Conclusions and recommendations for practice

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