Startup plan

 Description Congratulations! You have been selected as the winner of the most promising MBA graduate, and an anonymous angel investor has agreed to bankroll your new startup business. His requirement is that it is not a one-person operation, but needs to start off with three to five employees, including you. He is going to give you a limited recruitment and on-boarding budget of $10,000 (the amount is arbitrary, and is used only to make you look realistically at advertising options, so as to avoid saying “run full page ads in the Wall Street Journal” or something like that). He wants to see a plan for how you are going to find, recruit and train your team. (For the sake of the exercise, don’t worry about the costs of equipment, material etc. that you will need to start your business – this is about getting the people). In your plan, you will need to identify what sort of business you are going to open. Once you have decided that, you will need to determine what tasks need to be done in order to operate your business, so that you will know how many people you need and what knowledge, skills and abilities they will need to have. Please include the following in your plan: • Job Analysis. Be specific with how you will conduct the analysis, along with who, what, where etc. • A complete job description for one of the positions you are hiring for. You can utilize the format of the job description from the text, or find one elsewhere, but utilize a form. • A recruitment plan identifying where you plan to source your candidates from and how you plan to reach them. Please be specific. For example, don’t say ‘online recruiting’ – list the sites you will utilize and why you chose those venues (reach local candidates, industry-specific candidates, etc.). • What type(s) of interview(s) will you conduct, and why. • Identify three attributes (i.e. friendly personality, ability to multi-task, etc.) that a successful candidate must possess for each position you are hiring for. Then select one interview question per attribute you will ask each candidate that will help you determine if they have that attribute. (So if you are hiring for three positions, you will have identified three attributes for each position, and one question per attribute – for a total of nine). • What training method(s) you will utilize to get your team up to speed, and why. Text: Human Resource Management Fifteenth Edition Gary Dessler ISBN: 978-0-13-423545-5

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