Sonnet Poetry Project

Checkpoints: 1. Choose a sonnet and sign up on Moodle (10/22) 2. Create an outline for your poetry analysis and submit to GoogleClassroom (10/29) 3. Complete your Rough Draft and participate in peer editing outside of class. Submit your peer annotated rough draft to GoogleClassroom (11/5) STEP 1- Choose a Shakespearean Sonnet. Sonnets are first come- first serve (he wrote 154 of them, so no fighting!). The following are NOT options: ● Sonnet 29 ● Sonnet 55

● Sonnet 73 ● Sonnet 116 ● Sonnet 130 STEP 2- On a GoogleDoc, create a double-spaced copy of the poem with lines numbered (be sure entire document is MLA Formatted). Annotate using the “COMMENT” function and color-coded highlighting (create your own system with key) and include annotations for rhyme, rhythm and sound devices, figures of speech, literary devices, connotative diction, tone, and structure. You MUST discuss the use of the conceit in the poem. Resources on Moodle, as well as the following links, might be helpful: ● ● ● STEP 4- On the same GoogleDoc, annotate the poem for tropes associated with “Courtly Love.” Use the “Footnotes” function to make notes about the characteristics of Courtly Love which appear in the sonnet. Use the brief definition below to get you started, then you will need to do more research on the tropes associated with Courtly Love. Include a citation for any sources you use in your paper on a Works Cited page at the end of your document

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