Solution for missing Data

Assignment #1 – Create a solution for missing data This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR2 – Build the human resources planning steps in both individual and team settings CLR6 — Compare and contrast the methods used in effective employee and labour relations in both individual and team settings Objective of this Assignment: This assignment will explore and build understanding and capacity of the HR professional in applying technology in a sound, strategic and confidential way to build capacity while maintaining employee confidence in corporate systems and processes. Step 1: For this assignment, read the following scenario: After years of compiling data and information in your department as human resources manager, you finally convince your corporate leadership team to invest in a human resource information system. Your company has grown from 50 people, specializing in a variety of roles, to more than 200 throughout North America. Your project team has realized that as the project progresses, there appears to be a number of files missing from the human resources department that contain personal information and employee profiles. You have to disclose to the employee group that you have had a data breach while outlining what you plan to do to remedy the situation. As a seasoned HR professional you recognize that you must communicate well with your team while taking concrete action to recover the files, determine what was lost and implement an improved system. Your job is to plan and create a solution for your president that outlines what steps will be taken to improve file security, restore confidence, retain the lost information and fulfill the implementation of the HRIS.

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