Sociology 371: Interview Case Study Paper Assignment- Part B. Analyze the Interview Results.

Part B. Analyze the Interview Results.

Once your interview is completed, carefully write out your notes in a legible form, perhaps using your audio recording to fill in gaps. Map out what looks like a trajectory and possible turning points. See if turning points correspond to changes in life circumstances, such as life course role transitions. If they do, examine the subject’s subjective perspective in light of causal mechanisms from life course theories of crime. Which theory or theories (if any) appear supported by the evidence? If the answer is none, consider why this might be? If there are no turning points, try to account for stability in offending or non-offending.

Part C. Write the Results Up in a Five-Page Paper After completing your analysis, consider an outline of the paper.

You can structure the paper however you want; one potential structure would be as follows:

1. Introduction: Say something about life course and crime and using a case study life history to develop a theoretical understanding of crime across the life course, then describe the interview setting and how you’ll use the results (¼ page).

2. Criminal Offending: Trajectories and Turning Points. Describe the pattern of crime or deviance (however minor) across the person’s life course. You may then say you to focus on a particular period of change or stability (1page).

3. Role Transitions. Describe the pattern of role transitions the subject has undergone (beginning perhaps with early child hood parenting), while highlighting those patterns most relevant to change or stability in offending (1 page)

4. Causal Mechanisms. Discuss specific instances of stability or change in offending in relation to role transitions and causal mechanisms derived from broader theory. You may want to focus on a specific causal mechanism that best explains your interview data, or consider more than one. (2 pages)

5. Conclusions. Briefly draw conclusions from your analysis and discuss whether this is likely a general finding (generalizable beyond your single case) in light of other findings in life course criminology ( ¾ page) Format The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and no longer than 5 pages (use 12 pt font). Add a cover page giving your name, the date, the course, and a paper title.

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