Social Security and Welfare in the United States.

The challenges that the Social Security program faces are quite identifiable and for some time, various solutions to these challenges have been proposed. At the same time, however, policy makers do not seem to have any sense of urgency in confronting these problems. In your paper, first identify these general problems/concerns. Identify and reflect upon specific proposals or ideas (at least 2 major ones) that seem the best suited to dealing with these challenges. To move beyond the general to the specific, look to outside sources to identify specific, recent solutions that the major political parties and/or interest groups have proposed. In your paper, discuss the the likelihood of success of these proposals successfully navigating the “policy stages” to be adopted and implemented? Remember that this paper should include analysis based on both the general concepts as well as the specific proposals/ideas/etc. Do not spend too much time just repeating/summarizing what the text says.

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