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A 6-page double spaced Social Sciences essay
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Select one of the choices below and write a 6-page essay on it. The essay should be in 12-point font, double-spaced, and with one inch margins. The only sources you should use are the Social Science texts (The books and the Reader). Every single time you use a source, whether for a quote or a paraphrase, you must cite the source. All citations should be in standard MLA format: editor’s last name (for the Reader), author’s last name, and page number – all of which are placed at the end of the sentence for a quote, and at the end of a paragraph for a paraphrase. Provide a works cited page at the end with the full bibliographic information for each source. Some points about using quotes: Direct quotes may be no longer than TWO SENTENCES, so no block quotes. When you use a quote, you must be certain to do two things with it. First, it must be introduced. You must tell me what point you’re going to make by using the quote. Second, you must explain the quote in your own words. What does the quote tell us? In what ways does the quote advance your argument? If these two tasks are not accomplished when using a quote, then the quote will not strengthen your argument. One other instruction: You should not use contractions in your writing. Formal essays should never have contractions unless they are part of a quote. The choices: 1) Read the chapter, “Scrubbing in Maine” from Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickel and Dimed.” You are an anthropologist dropped down into this chapter. Your job is to identify the ethos (the core values) of this strange society of maids, their boss, and the people whose houses they clean. Use examples of the material and non-material culture you observe to prove your thesis. 2) In “Waterlily,” several values are identified as important components of the Dakota Sioux ethos (“kin relations,” “honor,” “male dominance,” etc.) Argue in favor of a single value as being the most important one in Dakota Sioux society. In other words, the…

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