Social Media Group Project (introduction only)

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My topic is Microsoft Company

Task: Your “Social media analytical report” will be addressed to the CEO of SocialMarketing, LLC. All group members will receive the same grade, which is based on the final report and PowerPoint or Zoom presentation.

Group roles: You will have one team member who will act as the team leader (editor) and be responsible for writing the memorandum which will be the first part of the group report, in addition to making sure the final report flows smoothly as one document.

A cover memo (written by the team leader) describes the purpose of the report, a general discussion about social media technologies and how they are being used, and what industry and company is being evaluated.

The remaining team members will be responsible for written evaluation of the following….

Executive Summary: Overall executive summary of the findings


-A brief background of the company.


-Evaluation of: Global presence and cultural accommodation function. See the link below: (Links to an external site.)

Pick two social media functions from the following to analyze,

(From a social media perspective)

      • Marketing/ Sales
      • Customer Services and Support
      • Public Relations
      • Careers/ Recruitment
      • Product Communities
      • Community and Outreach Services

For each of the analysis: 3 functions total: #1 is Global presence and cultural accommodation, #2 and #3 from the list above),

      • describe how the social media is being used within each of the 3 functions,
      • what technologies are being utilized,
      • how business processes work,
      • how effective they are.


Give detailed examples to support your opinion. Provide overall impressions and recommendations for improvement

Note: each member is responsible for at least 800 words). See page 300 for the format.

Each function needs to have an overall impression and recommendations for improvement if needed. The report must contain at least 2 graphics.

Note: this is a full outline, but you only write introduction about the Microsoft company. When you write, you just write simply. Do not try to be professional because I must understand what you wrote to present. You also must write your own word. If you use any reference, please! cite it. You do not write a long paragraph because this is just an introduction.

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